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We are located at:
CORBIN, KY 40701
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182 Mill Creek Drive
Corbin, KY 40701


Landscaping Design and Installation. Leaf Vacuum. Manicured Trimming and Mulching. Lawn-Power Seeded Selective Herbicide Feeding.


Our Specialties

FACE-LIFTING old landscapes. No more shaggy shrubs or lawns.

  • With the skills of a barber, our lawn care specialists will trim and reshape your shaggy landscapes and plants. We also offer herbicide of weeds and mulching of landscape beds. We guarantee bright new beginnings for your lawn or outdoor area!
  • We specialize in transforming lawns into beautiful green turf using selective herbicide, power seeding, 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer following the University of Kentucky's Department of Horticulture. Add to all of this our #1 commercial mower for a sharp and manicured cut lawn.

Design and Installation of new landscapes.

  • A variety of plants can be delivered directly to your home for your selection, creating an easy and enjoyable shopping experience right at your front door.
  • Full landscape installations are guaranteed and completely maintained by us for one year. This is a one year marriage made in paradise!

Landscape Clean-ups

  • We will vacuum and haul off leaves, branches, and all other debris. Our services are especially convenient at the first of spring and the last of fall. We guarantee a clean sweep!